Design and Analysis of Cloud Data's Multi-Layer Security Protection


Ramesh Byali , Jyothi , Megha Chidambar Shekadar


To store and access sensitive information from distant locations utilizing an internet connection, cloud servers are now often employed. By adopting cloud servers as their primary source of data storage, almost all businesses and organizations made the transition from local to distant data storage. It has become a struggle for each and every person to give additional security for the cloud data because, in general, cloud servers do not have total protection for the data that is stored on them. Data is a useful resource that can take many different forms, including payment information, personal information, bank account information, and many others. Due to the absence of data security in all of these forms, we try to useSome cutting-edge encryption methods for protecting the data that is kept in remote locations. Two parties make sure that a third party cannot access their communication when they communicate through a medium. It is better to use encryption methods to encrypt data in a cipher, send it over the internet, and then decrypt it to reveal the original data. By transforming plaintext into cipher text, the science of cryptography encrypts and decrypts data to keep messages private. In this project, we primarily develop 3 techniques, including: The three strategies are columnar transposition, rail fence transposition, and caesar substitution. Data can be protected and returned to its original state using all three processes together.


Rescue bag, Rescue techniques, Borewell rescue, Child safety


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