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VOLUME 4, Issue 2, February 2023 Download Cover Page

    1. Analysis of Promotion strategy UP Museum Kesejarahan Jakarta Via Social Media by UP Museum Kesejarahan Jakarta (Account Instagram @museumkesejarahan)

      Valentina Eveline Teja, Saptono Nugroho

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    2. Effect of Debt Financingo on Financial Performance of Privately - Owned Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria

      Nkasi E. Ernest, Haniel Lucy

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    3. A Case Study on the Determination of the Water Quality from Different Point Sources of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

      Debadip Bhattacharjee, Anwesa Manna, Uma Kumari, Pinku Chandra Nath, Anindya Gopal Chatterjee, Tamoghna Karmakar, Taniya Sur, Soumak Sadhu

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    4. Effectiveness of Music Interventions in Anxious Patients during Dental Procedures: A Review

      Dr. Renuka Nagarale, Dr. Neetu Kadu, Nikita Unde, Shraddha Gaikwad, Nikita Arjune

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    5. A Research Paper on Use of Waste Glass Powder and Plastic Fibers in Concrete

      Shreeram Patidar, Rahul Sharma

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    6. A Review on Transdermal Patches of Antidiabetic Agent

      Sujata Gadade, Shradha Kamble, Vaibhav Mule, Mr. P. B. More, Dr. A. S. Kulkarni

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    7. A Review on Exosomes: Isolation Techniques, Drug Loading Techniques, Application and Future Perspective.

      Kajal. S. Pawade, Dr. Ravindra V. Badhe, Dr. Sonali. S. Nipate

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    8. Herpetic Whitlow: A Brief Review

      Dr. Shreya Arora, Dr. Puja Bansal, Dr. Deepak Bhargava

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    9. Facts of Human Brain: Extra Powers of Human Mind or Human Brain or Human.

      Kshitij Sudhakar Wasnik

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