Social Media Marketing Strategies Adopted by Fashion Brands


Ms. Ruchika Chambhare, Dr. Nilesh Anute


Websites for local social networking provide a means of social interaction. By connecting with consumers on a deeper level, these new mediums gain their trust. If a rival is making waves with its services and products, it is unaffordable to have no presence on social media. International businesses have seen social media as a possible mechanism for promotion and have embraced it to bolster their marketing efforts. Various businesses are integrating social media into their marketing plans to engage with their consumers and prospects. Social media is an emerging phenomenon in company marketing and public relations (PR).Social media can be utilised for a range of marketing and communication tasks, including customer management, public relations, sentiment analysis, marketing communications, and marketing intelligence. This study report aims to assess social media's suitability for business marketing and PR initiative.


Social media, Marketing Strategies, Fashion Brands, Social Networking, Brand Ambassador, Marketing Campaign.


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